“… because a company with no ethic has no sense” (cit. Carlo Rosa)

Gruppo Viva owes its worldwide success to professional ethics.

Dr. Carlo Rosa, CEO of our company, has also witnessed the concept of Business Ethics as Guest Professor at the School of Business Administration in Turin .

Well aware that the studies in this regard are still at their infancy, our Company gladly submit related documentation to international universities and renowned master in order to outline literature and doctrine of the subject.

For Gruppo Viva "ethics" does not mean etiquette neither legacy, although both crucial , but something beyond . Our values ​​of honesty, lawfulness , fairness and trust are constantly related with the equivalent ones ​​that we face every day because of globalization. Ethics, for Gruppo Viva, exceeds the simple application of principles and often includes a comparison with new values ​​imported from globalization in order - with our customers and suppliers - to make to make ourselves ethic not only in Italy but all around the world.

Investing in ethics is the only one that projects the company in the future . Gruppo Viva - working on several fronts in international markets - has not yet outlined its own definition of ethics. The principle we follow is to invest in ethics with our employees so that they - case by case - can be ethic with customers, with suppliers, with the banks and with the whole economic system .

Because being honest is luxury!

And a company without ethics would have no sense .


Solidity & Trust,

               Service and Courtesy




The strategy of the future of Gruppo Viva is twofold:

on one hand to increase the number and range of products offered and on the other hand to consolidate its presence at customer sites.

To implement this strategy Gruppo Viva plans

to increase its own capitalization

and is scheduling a series of targeted investments

The strategies of each business area are agreed with the general one in order to avoid imbalances in growth and development.



Safety comes first.

For Gruppo Viva safety is an absolute priority and for this reason an outside specialized company has been entrusted in order to constantly updating us with the latest regulations, forms and tools of the most advanced monitoring. The same company continuosly organizes training courses and lessons updating all employees.

The relationship with stakeholders is a priority in our Company, whether they are internal or external. Gruppo Viva acts as airlock between the interests - often conflicting - of all stakeholders.

Our company is intended as a place of mediation between the objectives of stakeholders because the same ones originate corporate strategies. Corporate strategies have priority over the interests of the property.

The first stakeholder is the state. All employees recognize the state priority in all operations, not just the financial, administrative or legal requirements. The legality of each business event, the compliance with all regulations at all levels, the company coherence with the institutions, the transparency of the proceedings and the clarity of the budget are goals of each individual employee and are controlled both upstream and downstream by independent experts. In order to pursue these objectives Gruppo Viva supports and promotes the dialogue with the institutions, especially when it is led to the development of the common good.

The corporate social responsibility policy favors employees, to whom the company is committed to ensure compliance with the ratio of work, the respect the contract of work, to enhance the performance, to run a fully positive proactive, dynamic and crystal clear work climate.

Particular attention is paid to the aesthetics and healthiness of the workplace, to professional tools of last generation and updating courses.

Among all stakeholders, a leading role is played by suppliers, which are considered real business partners more than suppliers. In particular, we place emphasis on the respect of the agreements and win win clauses. Global business strategies are discussed primarily with all suppliers, taking into account their financial, economic and production line needs. The corporate practice has developed a form of ongoing dialogue with suppliers aimed at mutual developing.

Because suppliers for Gruppo Viva are important.

Being the marketing the Company's core business, the actual stakeholders are the customers. The customer is not only provided with a component of pot, actually Gruppo Viva establish since the very beginning a genuine partnership for the mutual growth based on constant dialogue and cooperation. Gruppo Viva rewards customer loyalty by building - in addition to professional competence - a human relationship of friendship and esteem.

The main banks - with whom Gruppo Viva has excellent relations - are the stakeholders with whom our company always interacts by regularly updating our statistics on sales, operating performances, cash flow and financial needs. Gruppo Viva believes that only through continue dialogue with the main Credit Institutions we can find resources for financially sustainable growth. All business strategies are agreed in advance with banks.

Special attention is given to the sphere of education and for the integration of young people into the labor market. At this purpose, Gruppo Viva is regularly establishing internships, traineeships and apprenticeships. The Sole Director participates as a speaker at conferences, lectures and academic seminars on the subject. Relevant documents are provided by Gruppo Viva in order to study business cases in both academic classes and dissertations.

The relationship with stakeholders expands up to include the whole community: Gruppo Viva is very keen to build and maintain excellent relationships with the community as a whole and aims to assist the social and cultural growth of the region, supporting in various ways - also through sponsorship - local events, demonstrations, exhibitions, and sports events too (soccer and cycling).

Gruppo Viva expects in the near future to expand the circle of its stakeholders and outline new types of them with whom to establish dialogue and exchange.


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