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Gruppo Viva è una realtà italiana consolidata
a livello internazionale nell’industria del Cookware.
Gruppo Viva is a well-established Italian company with a global presence in the Cookware industry
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Gruppo Viva is one of the main European glass lid suppliers
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All the advantages of Asian and Western Cookware from the same company
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We deliver state of the art manufacturing of high-quality, PTFE coated aluminium
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Gruppo Viva at your service

The flexibility, speed and innovation of Asian businesses. European industrial, managerial and commercial know-how: all these advantages from the same supplier of Cookware components.

Focus on Quality

Our company’s Cookware components have always complied with the highest quality standards required for the performance of finished products.

Organised for delivery

Our logistics hubs are strategically located near major sorting facilities served by customs agents and bonded warehouses. Furthermore, Italian customers benefit from a centralized service that can provide immediate deliveries.

Do you want to save time and money?

Gruppo Viva is a well-established Italian company with a global presence in the Cookware industry.

Most importantly, today, we are seen as a guarantee because of our unique approach. For years we have been the trusted partners of leading manufacturers of pots and pans both in Italy and internationally: but what is the secret behind our success? We relieve final product manufacturers of all problems related to research and the procurement of high-quality components for the manufacture of cookware that is safe for food preparation.
We provide them with the necessary technology and high-performance products they need at competitive prices and unbeatable commercial conditions.
We help them improve their design and engineering activities to ensure that their Cookware is increasingly appealing and in line with the market’s latest trends and preferences.
This is where Gruppo Viva’s expertise lies.
It saves energy, time and money.

We make our customers’ work easier!


How Gruppo Viva operates

We design and develop all our industrial automation and organisation procedures.
We cannot afford to jeopardize our quality and timing efforts with transport delays or breakdowns.
Gruppo Viva has therefore developed smart intermodal solutions to ensure that customers save time and money by arranging for goods to be delivered undamaged and on time, while also handling all organisational issues and paperwork, as well as all bureaucratic and customs procedures.

Quality standards

Compliance with local and international legislation is crucial for our company.
Our quality standards are monitored continuously to ensure that they are always compliant with the strictest international laws, with market requirements for both performance and hygiene, and with the expectations of the most demanding and health-conscious cookware manufacturers.

PTFE coated aluminium discs

Using innovative technologies based on the highest standards, Gruppo Viva supplies PTFE coated aluminium discs of the highest quality. Exteriors can be coated with silicone, fluoroelastomers, polychrome or photo paint. Inner surfaces are treated with five successive roller passes, with the option of applying customised motifs that immediately convey a customer’s identity. The finished product is tested (both randomly and systematically) for full compliance with strict technical parameters, current legislation, as well as with non-stick coating legislation in the country of destination, hence ensuring full compliance with all safety requirements for surfaces used for food preparation.

Glass lids

Thanks to its high manufacturing capacity in the glass lid sector, Gruppo Viva has become the European leader in its field and is one of the most renowned names at a global level. Clients can customise lids by adding their company logo, thereby improving customer loyalty.
We offer all types of lids (C, G, T, flat, convex, high-dome, with steel and silicone edges, sandblasted, decorated, with or without steam vents, with knob holes or double holes, oval, square, of all diameters and glass colours).
Our logistics hubs can provide immediate delivery of 14 to 40 cm diameter lids.

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